“The Tar Pits have fascinated scientists and visitors for over a century, and today, this area is the only actively excavated Ice Age fossil site found in an urban location in the world! Over the last 50,000 years, Ice Age animals, plants, and insects were trapped in sticky asphalt, which preserved them for us to find today.

More than 100 excavations have been made at the Tar Pits since the early 1900s, and most of the fossils discovered here are housed in the museum at La Brea Tar Pits, at the center of the Tar Pits! The discoveries range in size from huge, extinct mammoths and sloths to “microfossils,” or tiny remains of plants and animals that give us clues about how ancient ecosystems and climates changed.” — tarpits.org 

拉布雷亞瀝青坑La Brea Tar Pits,或 Rancho La Brea Tar Pits)是位於美國加利福尼亞州洛杉磯漢考克公園附近的一組天然瀝青坑。因為其上常常覆蓋有樹葉、灰塵或水等遮蔽物,動物等很容易失足陷入其中,因而數世紀以來積累了大量的動物骨骸、化石。瀝青坑邊上有專門用來研究瀝青坑和展覽坑中發現的動物標本的喬治·C·佩奇博物館(George C. Page Museum)。


Lake Pit

The iconic Lake Pit, located in front of the museum, is actually a pit left over from asphalt mining operations in the late 1800s. Rain and groundwater has collected above the bubbling asphalt, creating a small lake. The lake’s bubbles, sheet, and distinctive odor come from a deep underground oil field. Here you can see a recreation of a mammoth becoming trapped in “tar.”  


Enjoying Hancock Park

Hancock Park is nestled among the museum and the Tar Pits. It’s a fun community resource where boot camp participants meet and train, kids play next to super-sized Ice Age mammals, and Angelenos and tourists stroll and picnic. Walk through the paths that wind around active excavation sites, the iconic Lake Pit with its mammoth and mastodon models, the playground, and the Pleistocene Garden! 


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