• 教學經驗豐富
    Boogiezone Utopia
    Snowglobe Perspective
    Studio V
    University of California
    University of Southern California
    Harbour Dance Center
    Studio 604
    G-Monkey Dance Studio
    Real Heart Dance Studio
    Speed Dance Studio
  • 舞台經驗豐富
    Universal Studio Hollywood Night
    Robin Thicke (Opening dancer)
    Snoop Dogg (Opening dancer)
    Netflix (Academy Of Villains)
    World of Dance Los Angles
    World of Dance Hawaii
    World of Dance San Diego
    Ultimate Brawl Dance Competition (1st place)
    Fusion Dance Competition (1st place)
    Vibe Dance Competition (1st place)
    Body Rock Dance Competition (1st place)
    Maxt Out Dance competition (1st place)


  • 電視表演資歷
    America’s Got Talent Season 10 
    So You think You Can Dance 
    Heroes of Remix, China