Kobunaga Korean Grill

午餐時間從未如此美好!Kobunga Korean Grill剛剛在USC village新開不久,我很嫉妒這裡的學生每天都吃得到!如果你正在尋找均衡飲食,這些餐盒正是你需要的!還有他們的泡菜是自製的,配菜則是素食!

Lunch break has never looked so good! Kobunga Korean Grill just opened in USC village not too long again and I’m so jealous of all the Trojans that get to eat this everyday! If you’re looking for a balanced diet these boxes got all you need! Also their kimchi is homemade and their side dishes are vegan!

Howlin’ Ray’s

太陽終於出來了!最好的慶祝方式就是來一份Howlin’ Ray’s 炸雞三明治!你會怎麼慶祝呢?

The sun is finally out!! The best way to celebrate is with Howlin’ Ray’s fried chicken sandwich! How are you celebrating?

Wanderlust Creamery

Wanderlust Creamery才在Venice開了一家新店!如果你像我一樣猶豫不決,你可以選擇這些迷你冰淇淋甜筒,這樣一來你就可以吃到全部的口味而不會因欸吃太多而感到內疚!

Wanderlust Creamery just opened a new location in Venice! If you’re indecisive like me, you have the option of getting these mini cones so you can get them all without feeling the guilt!

Musashiya Udon Noodle

你都不知道當我看到一個比我的臉還大的烏冬麵碗時,我有多興奮!當你對日本食物充滿渴望時,位在UCLA Westwood附近的Musashiya擁有你需要的一切!他們有烏冬麵、拉麵和壽司等很多美食!但在享用其他美食前,先嚐嚐他們的烏冬麵吧!

Udon even know how excited I looked when I saw my udon bowl was bigger than my face! Musashiya Udon Noodle in Westwood near UCLA has everything you need when you get that Japanese food cravings! They have udon, ramen, sushi, and more! But try their udon first!!