Cafe Bora

一直想來這裡很久了!花了我一段時間才真正嘗試到,因為我認為這只是一個有著漂亮食物但味道平庸的地方。 我驚訝地發現他們的冰淇淋真的很棒! 我愛上了我連續兩天來這裡吃的紅薯冰淇淋!Cafe Bora位於加州市場廣場,來試試吧!

Have been meaning to come here for a long time! Took me a while to try it because I thought it was just one of those places that have pretty food but taste mediocre. I was pleasantly surprised that their ice cream is actually really good! In love with their sweet potato ice cream that I came here two days in a row! Cafe Bora is located in the California Market plaza! Come give it a try!

Pholala Vietnamese Fusion

太高興了,穿毛衣的天氣終於來了! 穿毛衣的天氣也意味著適合吃Pho的天氣!Pholala Vietnamese Fusion開幕的時間剛好適合這個充滿涼意的季節,快來滿足你愛吃Pho的胃。

So happy that it’s finally sweater weather!! Sweater weather also means Pho weather! Pholala Vietnamese Fusion is coming just in time for this cooler weather! Come get your pho craving satisfied!

Mama Tieu’s

每當我要點蛤蠣濃湯時,我總是會點bread bowl。Mama Tieu’s讓我們有更多口味可以選擇放在這個bread bowl裡面! 我非常喜歡放在bread bowl裡的咖哩雞口味!
Whenever I get clam chowder I always get the bread bowl when I can. Mama Tieu’s gives us more options to put in the bread bowl! Loved this Chicken Curry in bread bowl so much! 


Tengoku Ramen Bar

秋季的天氣也意味著吃拉麵的天氣! 很高興像Tengoku Ramen Bar這樣好的拉麵店就在我住的地方附近!他們不僅有普通的豚骨拉麵和醬油拉麵,還有拉麵和湯分開吃的沾麵、拉麵沙拉和擔擔麵等。

Fall weather also means ramen weather! So happy a good ramen spot like Tengoku Ramen Bar is located near where I live! Not only do they have regular tonkotsu ramen and shoyu ramen, they also have tsukemen (dipping ramen), ramen salad, and dan dan men!


Wafflejack現在供應這些迷你的Waffle!他們把你愉悅的內疚感填充進Waffle,但又不會讓你感到太內疚,因為他們實在很小!買一個綜合口味的assorted box,品嚐所有的口味,草莓、藍莓、抹茶、churro巧克力,焦糖胡桃、cookies and cream…等等!

Wafflejack has these mini waffles now! They fulfill your guilty pleasure without feeling too guilty since they are so tiny! Get an assorted box and taste all the flavors, strawberry glaze, blueberry glaze, matcha glaze, churro nutella, caramel pecan, cookies and cream… and more!


你有沒有在美食廣場裡看過如此好的食物?位在韓國城的Squaremixx美食廣場裡,有著許多來自韓國的美食供應商,有非常多選擇,價格合理!這是工作之餘, 在午休時一個很棒的午餐選擇!
Have you ever seen food court meal this good? Squaremixx in Koreatown has many vendors from Korea and there are so many options to choose from with reasonable price! A great lunch option for a quick lunch break from work!


當桌上只有四片flatbread,但必須與五個人分享時…我不會放手,因為這個Lobster & Rock Shrimp flatbread搭配伏特加蕃茄醬實在太好吃了!我想念今年夏天與我的美食家朋友在Pala Casino的假期… Cave餐廳絕對是享用晚餐的好去處!他們有一個休息區和一個地下葡萄酒洞穴!我們可以再回去嗎?

When there are only 4 slices of flatbread but have to share with 5 people… I am not gonna let go because this Lobster & Rock Shrimp flatbread with vodka tomato sauce is too good! Missing my vacation with my foodie friends at Pala Casino from this summer… the Cave restaurant is definitely a great place for dinner! They have a lounge area and an underground wine cave also! Can we go back again?



Uncle John’s Cafe

如果你跟我一樣是海鮮愛好者,你一定要嘗試Uncle John’s Cafe的Cajun Seafood Platter!

If you’re a seafood lover like me, you need to try the Cajun Seafood Platter at Uncle John’s Café!