Unistar Kids 歡慶一週年生日,特別請到對美食擁有絕對敏銳度、掌握食下潮流的IG美食達人─ Janet Jen,為我們分享她心目中的洛杉磯TOP 4必吃料理,快來瞧瞧美食達人的最愛落腳何處?






Hello fellow food lovers! My name is Janet and I am a foodie based in Los Angeles. I began this page a little over a year ago and actually made a lot of foodie friends through our mutual interest in food. I hope I can share my passion for food through my Instagram page and to help people navigate where to go when they are craving for certain food. If you would like to ask for restaurant recommendations or just simply want to leave any comments to me, please feel free to email me!

一起跟著Janet的腳步,發掘LA道地美食擁有大量IG追蹤人數的Janet Jen,喜歡為食物拍 照、喜歡和對美食有相同興趣的朋友分享她的美食經驗,她也希望透過Instagram,把她對 美食的熱忱傳達出去,讓大家在傷腦筋哪裡有好吃食物的同時能有許多選擇,需要建議的 朋友也歡迎留言或email給她。


Street Food Of Seoul

我愛街頭食物!很高興能在6街上的市中心美食廣場裡找到這個地方Street Food Of Seoul!第一次嘗試串在竹籤上的酥炸年糕,我就愛上了!

I love street foods! So happy to find this place “Street Food Of Seoul” inside the food court at City Center on 6th! First time trying these crispy fried rice cakes on a skewer and I’m in love!


Howlin’ Ray’s

我正在中國城的納什維爾炸雞店Howlin’ Ray’s 吃午餐!是的,這些就是我的午餐,四個炸雞三明治,兩份炸薯條,當然還有他們的Comeback醬和水蜜桃茶。是的,我會自己全部吃光,不會分享,因為就是那麼好吃!

I’m eating lunch at Howlin’ Ray’s , a Nashville Hot Chicken shop in Chinatown! And yes this is what my lunch looks like, 4 Hot Chicken Sandwiches, 2 Hot Shake Fries, and of course their Comeback Sauce and a peach tea. And yes, I’m eating them all by myself, no sharing because it’s THAT good!






All I can think about is Korean cold noodles in this hot weather!







Ding Tai Fung

我忍不住在Westfield Santa Anita裡的鼎泰豐吃了這些小籠包。你知道他們在做餃子的時候會稱重每個餃子,讓每個餃子都有18折,確保所有的餃子都一樣嗎?如果這不叫完美,我不知道什麼才叫做完美!

I can’t help but eat these xiao long bao from Din Tai Fung at Westfield Santa Anita. Did you know that they weigh each dumpling while making it and they each have 18 folds to make sure all the dumplings are the same? If this is not perfection I don’t know what is!