I recommend The Wishing Pearl to everyone because three princesses name Emily, Jasminta, and Lulu is going on an adventure to the beach where Clarabel lives. A dolphin helps Clarabel find a pearl that’s magical. The pearl can help saving ocean creatures. Jaminta made magic rings for the three princesses to wear and call each other with it when there is danger. One day a boy name Samuel is trying to find treasure and he hurts the dolphins. Emily, Clarabel, Jaminta, and Lulu helps the dolphin by using ninja moves to sneak into his bedroom which they can get in and get out by not letting people see. The four princesses found a map and knew that he was finding treasure. Clarabel helped the dolphin with the pearl and the dolphin help her find the treasure. Clarabel and her friends are vey happy that they saved a dolphin. They can’t wait for the next adventure. We want to help, save, and love animals. That is why I want to recommend this book and hope you like it.


Miracles From Heaven is about a 9-year-old girl named Annabel Beam and her faith in God when she was diagnosed with digestive disorders. The Beams went to Massachusetts to see Dr. Nurko, a famous doctor. Annabel felt that she wanted to die while in hospital, but her parents told her to have faith in God. One day, she felt a little better and got sent home since there wasn’t a cure. On a sunny day, Annabel and her sister climbed a big old tree in their yard. Annabel fell in the tree trunk headfirst and was in the trees for hours. She was later picked up by firemen and surprisingly there were no injuries other than bruises. She said that she saw God and he was the one who saved her. A few days later, they went back to see Dr. Nurko. He took some tests on her. Guess what? She was completely cured. Doctor could not explain how, but miracles from God. Read how God helped this little girl and her family gone through their darkest times. 

10大經典童書排行榜 Best Children’s Book Of All Time


Yertle the Turtle
By Dr. Seuss


Millions of Cats
By Wanda Gag

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
By Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambaul
A Bear Called Paddington
By Michael Bond


Winnie the Pooh
By A.A Milne

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
By Beatrix Potter


Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
By Virginia Lee Burton

Go Dog, Go

By P.D.Eastman

Mama Don’t Allow
By Thacher Hurd



By Kay Thompson


Source: Times


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