Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken

當你買不起Whole Foods,你可以吃hole foods!Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken推出新的季節口味是最適合秋天的!南瓜派、糖果棒、蜜糖蘋果和椰香夢口味都非常好吃!與同事分享,一個小時內就被吃光了!

When you can’t afford Whole Foods, you eat hole foods! Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken new seasonal flavors are best for the Fall! Pumpkin pie, candy bar, candied Apple, and coconut dream are all really good! Shared with coworkers and it was gone within an hour!


主廚Mark Peel曾經在Wolfgang Puck和Spago工作,也是Top Chef的客座評審。西雅圖燉魚是我最喜歡的料理,在龍蝦湯中放入豐富的蝦、魷魚、蛤蜊、淡菜、魚和辣rouille醬燉煮!

Chef Mark Peel used to work at Wolfgang Puck and Spago, also guest judge on Top Chef, opened this fast casual spot with fusion seafood! The Seattle Fish Stew is my favorite which is a hearty stew with shrimp, squid, clams, mussels and fish simmered in LOBSTER broth with spicy rouille!


Paul Martin’s American Grill

Paul Martin’s American Grill在星期天推出這個33美元的牛肋排晚餐,包含沙拉、麵包和甜點!是一個超級棒的優惠,尤其是他們的牛肋排又厚又多汁!

Paul Martin’s has this Sunday Prime Rib dinner for $33 with salad, bread and desserts included! It’s a super good deal especially since the prime rib cut is super thick and juicy!


Sapor Restaurant & Bar

Sapor Restaurant & Bar餐廳每天供應小點心,晚上還有精緻開胃菜和特調雞尾酒!另外,他們 每日供應午餐和晚餐義大利麵,口味每天都會改變,所以你永遠不會對菜單感到無聊!

Sapor Restaurant & Bar serves quick bites by day, fine-dining style tapas and craft cocktails by night! Also they have pasta of the day everyday for both lunch and dinner that changes everyday so you’ll never get bored of the menu!