ROC Kitchen



I am always on a hunt of authentic Taiwanese food. One of my favorite dishes is the Beef Wrap! Even though the Beef Wrap from ROC kitchen looks like sushi rolls, the taste is super authentic! I love how they pack the wrap with beef instead of overloading green onions! I’m sure everyone knows Ding Tai Fung. ROC Kitchen is very similar to it, just less wait and more affordable prices! Don’t forget to get their juicy pork dumplings while you’re here!



Frozen Fruit Co



I want to tell a little story about what inspired the owners to open this shop up. Michael and Victoria grew up and met in London. They were both lawyers and had massive sweet tooth. They wanted to eat healthy while satisfying their sweet cravings; therefore, created what they called, soft serve fruit. Their soft serve is made with fruits only! Dairy free, gluten free, fat free, artificial colors or preservatives free, and GUILT FREE!



Eiswelt Gelato



Eiswelt not only serves delicoius gelato, they make sure you like how your gelato looks. Mom always tells you not to play with your food, but Eiswelt definitely didn’t get the memo. Eiswelt shapes their ice cream into cute cartoon shapes with different flavors of gelato. So far I’ve seen them done teddy bear, monkey, dog, pig and even multiple pigs stacked on top of each other. It is definitely the best place to get desserts if you plan on taking pictures.


每小時新鮮吃爐、口味獨特的甜甜圈,還可以免費試吃,只有在Birdies LA才有。除了甜食,這裏的原味炸夾三明治更是讓人驚艷,採用有機雞肉,酥脆的外皮搭配生菜、酸黃瓜,達到美食最佳平衡點。

Birdies LA 



This place is definitely a hideen gem! Birdies LA serves donuts, fried chicken, and coffee. They have unique flavors for donuts and are always creating new flavors everyday! The dobuts are made every hour so you are guaranteed to go home with fresh donuts. Their chicken is free-range, organic chicken. What amazes me is the Original Fried Chicken sandwiches, with their homemade slaw and pickles. I like how they balance out the the greasiness of the fried chicken. They are very generous and let customers sample any donuts so make sure you try their donuts too while you’re there.


擁有大量IG追蹤人數的Janet Jen,喜歡為食物拍照、喜歡和對美食有相同興趣的朋友分享她的美食經驗,她也希望透過Instagram @FoodieXBun,把她對美食的熱忱傳達出去,讓大家在傷腦筋哪裡有好吃食物的同時能有許多選擇,需要建議的朋友也歡迎留言或email給她。
Hello fellow food lovers! My name is Janet and I am a foodie based in Los Angeles. I run a food page on Instagram and my handle is @FoodieXBun if you would like to check it out. I hope I can share my passion for food through my Instagram page and to help people navigate where to go when they are craving for certain food. If you would like to ask for restaurant recommendations or just simply want to leave any comments to me, please feel free to email me!


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