我們能不能來說說由Komodo結合亞洲及拉丁口味創造出的塔可有多令人驚艷?店中總共有12種不同的塔可,我最喜歡的口味是loco moco。

Can we just taco about the variety of Asian Latin fusion from Komodo and how amazing they are? There are 12 different kinds of tacos, my favorite is the loco moco.

The Hart & The Hunter 

這個漢堡的份量絕對物超所值,也值得你排隊等待的時間!配料有切達起司、 洋蔥醬、麵包和奶油酸黃瓜。我偏好要求漢堡排要兩分熟。

This burger is definitely worth the weight and the wait! It comes with aged cheddar, onion marmalade, and bread & butter pickles. And I always get my patty medium rare. 

Big Boi Filipino

第一次嘗試正宗的菲律賓食物,我覺得我戀愛了!你一定要嘗試豬肉sisig、 豬肉tocino、sinigang湯、lumpia和其他東西!

First time trying authentic Filipino comfort food and I’m in love! Got to try pork sisig, pork tocino, sinigang soup, lumpia and more! 

Enterprise Fish Co.



“He’s her lobster!”
Hope I’ll find my lobster as perfect as this.