Pizza Romana

Pizza Romana提供新鮮正宗的羅馬式披薩、炸雞、千層麵和一些花椰菜作為午餐。是一份當你渴望義大利美食時的完美悠閒午餐!

Fresh authentic Roman-style pizza, fried chicken, lasagna, and some broccolini as greens for lunch from Pizza Romana. Perfect casual lunch when you’re craving for Italian food!

Tsurumaru Udon Honpo

我最愛在下雨天時來上一碗熱熱的烏冬麵!如果你嘗試在下雨天尋找一個吃烏冬麵的好地方, 位在小東京的Tsurumaru Udon Honpo就是對的餐廳!他們每天製作新鮮烏冬麵!他們上個月剛剛推出豬骨烏冬麵和蕃茄烏冬麵,兩種都很好吃!如果你在尋找新的東西,一定也要嘗試他們的抹茶烏冬麵!

I love rainy days with a bowl of hot udon! If you’re looking for a good udon place in this rain today, tsurumaru_udon in Little Tokyo is the place to go! They make their udon noodles daily from scratch! They just debuted their tonkotsu udon and tomato udon last month and they are both so good! If you’re looking for something refreshing definitely try their matcha udon too!


Spring Street Smoke House

我得說Spring Street Smoke House的牛肉三明治真的是我吃過最棒的牛肉三明治。看看這個濃稠狀的藍芝士融化在炸碎洋蔥和切碎的燻牛肉片上!這個地方絕對是中國城裡一顆隱藏的寶石,是我在洛杉磯最喜歡的燒烤餐廳之一!

I gotta say Spring Street Smoke House Best Beef Sandwich is actually the best beef sandwich I’ve ever had. Look at that creamy Gorgonzola blue cheese melting all over the chopped smoked brisket with fried onions straws! This place is definitely a hidden gem in Chinatown and it’s my favorite bbq place in LA for sure!!

Voodoo Doughnut

The magic is in the hole. Little Pink is too good that I accidentally took a bite before my camera eat.